Advanced Retrofit Technology International Center (ARTIC)

Data-driven modeling for geotechnical spatial variability

2nd TC304 Forum on Georisk Assessment and Management
the 180th TCU-ARL Seminar (Advanced Retrofit Technology International Center, Tokyo City University)

Date and Time: 15:00-18:30, 3rd (Saturday) of July, 2021 (Japan standard time)
Venue: Zoom Meeting ID: 846 9988 1664


Japan standard time
【15:00-15:05】opening, Prof. Ikumasa Yoshida (Tokyo City University)
【15:05-15:50】Keynote Lecture Prof. Kok Kwang Phoon (Singapore University of Technology and Design)
    Benchmarking data-driven site characterization methods
【15:50-16:15】Dr. Takayuki Shuku (Okayama University)
    Large scale data-driven site characterization using geotechnical lasso
【16:15-16:45】Prof. Yu Wang (City University of Hong Kong)
    Smart sampling strategy for data-driven site characterization


【16:55-17:25】Prof. Jianye Ching (National Taiwan University)
    Data-driven site characterization using Sparse Bayesian learning
【17:25-17:55】Prof. Ikumasa Yoshida (Tokyo City University)
    Estimation of spatial variability by Gaussian process regression and application
    to benchmark examples
【17:55-18:25】Dr. Timo Schweckendiek, Dr. Antonis Mavritsakis (Deltares)
    Developments in Bayesian Site Characterization with Probabilistic Programming
【18:25-18:30】Closing, Prof. Jianye Ching (National Taiwan University)